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CountDown Timer in Flash 1.01

CountDown Timer in Flash 1.01: CountDown Timer is a flash widget showing remaining time to the scheduled date. Timer. CountDown Timer is a tiny flash widget (8Kb SWF file size) displaying the remaining time to the schedule event. CountDown timer displays days, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds . Thus you will always be able to keep up with the times and never miss an important appointment. This handy gadget you can display either on your website to urge your visitors catch up with the latest offer or on your desktop to have the remaining time always

Timer 12 2.0.0: 12 multiple Timers with customizable Titles and Pictures with a large format!
Timer 12 2.0.0

This super multiple Timer application will get the job done. 12 individually controllable Timers with Pictures, Titles, Start, Stop, Resume and Reset Buttons. An easy to read large display with excellent graphics with control over the screen size! All Timers can be running simultaneously or independently. If you have ever had the need for Timing anything this Software is for you.

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BugTimer Performance Test Manager 2.0

BugTimer was designed to streamline the entire process of timing and documenting Performance Test results into one simple Application. BugTimer is a timer application that records, displays, saves, sorts, and prints Performance Test Results.

performance test, software testing tools, software testing, timer

SDATimer 1.81: countdown timer, clock and stopwatch with skins support. Calendar Sunrise,Sunset
SDATimer 1.81

SDATimer is multifunctional digital countdown timer, clock and stopwatch. The key features are: Cool interface with skins support. Calendar with Sunrise,Sunset time, Moon Phase. Easy to set time - only click by digits, or by using time presets. mp3 files support. Original AutoHide and "Start" button as clock features. AlwaysOnTop feature. Flexible setup actions, then the Timer stop counting at zero. System tray support.

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Jumbo Timer 1.01: Resizable desktop timer program: for up, down and alarm clock mode
Jumbo Timer 1.01

Jumbo Timer is a powerful desktop timer program. The LED-style display can be resized from tiny to full screen. Count up, down and alarm clock mode. The timer can be paused and resumed later. Multiple settings can be saved. Multiple instances. Alarm can play an audio file (wav, mp3, wma) or launch a program. Adjustable color schemes. Semi-transparency and hidden (system tray) mode. Configurable hotkeys. Optional days and 1/10 seconds display.

count up, windows, desktop, alarmclock, timer, clock, alarm, countdown, productivity, count down

Timer 1.0: Minimalist digital timer. Free. Virus and spyware free.
Timer 1.0

"Timer" is a minimalist digital timer that resides in your desktop. It takes a very small space. You can set the time countdown very easily. Free. Timer is virus and spyware free.

free, freeware, time, timer

e-Timer 1.0: e-Timer is a free countdown/countup timer with a lot of settings.
e-Timer 1.0

e-Timer is a full free countdown countup timer with custmoziable sound notifications, pre-alert and full layout customization. Prefences include timer settings, layout settings and sound settings.

alarm clock, timer, chrono, power point, count down

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